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Have you ever tried to create content for youtube following the same recipe you use for other social media, only to realize that this is not the best strategy? Have you ever noticed how youtube works differently from instagram or facebook? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you must watch this video. As entrepreneurs and course creators, we cannot think of Youtube the same way we do other media. At the same time, we have to be there – it’s too much an opportunity to create authority and grow your audience. So the secret to success is to understand the differences – and more importantly, the benefits offered by youtube -, and work with them, not against them. In this video, Sean Cannell, youtuber and CEO of Think Media, will share his secrets to understanding the platform and working with its algorithm to boost your success. Check out the video to learn more!

Video Transcript

Today’s topic is how to use YouTube to get free traffic, build your authority and sell products on autopilot. And in this session, specifically, you’re going to be learning how I built and scaled a multiple seven figure business using YouTube, why you need to be on YouTube right now, the three irrefutable laws of YouTube success and the new rules for winning on YouTube in 2021. If you have a little bit of background, in fact, let me know, drop a comment if you have a YouTube channel if you already have been on YouTube. And let me know if maybe you’re just starting. When we get into these new rules of winning on YouTube. This is some of the new changes with the algorithm and some really important information that’s going to help you get an edge over your competitors right now. But just so we kind of all get on the same page. Why YouTube? Like, why should we be investing in YouTube, especially with so many different opportunities? I mean, I don’t know if you saw this stat yet, but more than half of the people on earth now use social media. Not more than half of the people with an internet connection. More than half of humans are actually on the other side of a smart TV, a smartphone, a desktop computer, a laptop, let me know where you’re watching from, you know, and, and over, like so one out of two people over that you can reach for your business to get leads to get sales to make an impact to make a difference. But what makes YouTube unique? Well, YouTube’s new stats revealed has over 2.3 billion users worldwide, right? But right now, it’s the second most popular social media platform only to Facebook, it’s the number one video platform. And so I believe it’s irresponsible for us as entrepreneurs not to be where the party is. If If your people are there, if people want to see you there, if they want to see your brand there. YouTube is the video platform. It’s a quintessential platform, in my opinion, everything else kind of orbits around YouTube, and it continues to grow bigger every day. And one of the things that makes YouTube unique and why it’s so important for you and I to be using it is YouTube as a discovery machine. You know, one fact about Instagram or Snapchat or LinkedIn, or Twitter or Facebook, is that people’s intent on these platforms is different than YouTube. They’re there for a social media feed that you can hopefully show up in the algorithm with the LinkedIn tips you just got, you can, but they’re there. They’re not actually going to LinkedIn searching for particular, you don’t go to Instagram, you go to Instagram, for a feed, right? You’re you’re looking yet you’re scrolling. You just saw your ex on there. You’re like, Oh, I don’t know why I’m still following her. you’re scrolling, you’re seeing some reels, you’re scrolling, you’re seeing different things. Like all of these other platforms are content feeds. Whereas YouTube is a content library. The intent people go to YouTube with their intent people go to Google with is they go to solve a problem. They go Have you ever heard the old proverb? When the student is ready, the teacher appears. So however you help people, however you serve people, when you’ve put the right content on YouTube, you don’t have to be out there on the social media hamster wheel generating new content all the time. You’ve got videos you’ve posted six months ago working for you. Because people go searching for content and they find it on YouTube. You see YouTube is different than all these other platforms, because it’s the second largest search engine in the world. And it’s the only platform where your content lives forever. Do you got to put in the work to post videos of course, do you need the right strategies, of course, but where all the other social media platforms I sometimes get so tired, because I got to keep posting man, I got to keep coming up with good ideas. I got to keep I got to post multiple times a week. I’ve got YouTube videos. One year old, four years old, eight years old, that still get me views leads generate money. Why? Because YouTube’s a search engine. And even the suggested algorithm feed, which is where it’s not people aren’t even searching, YouTube studies you and starts to recommend the content that they realize you are searching for. Did you know that Google owns YouTube. So when you type in something on Google, that you start indicating that you’re interested in losing weight, YouTube knows you’re interested in losing weight now, because of your IP address, and Google studying your behavior, Big Brother, I know it’s kind of scary, but for us as marketers, so now, YouTube is recommending you videos, even if you didn’t search for it, YouTube knows what you’re up to Google knows what you’re up to. And they will bring your videos when you’re making the right videos and the right way, optimize the right way and good content, your content will start working for you when you’re not working. YouTube is the only platform where your content lives forever. And videos work for you. When you’re not working. I think of YouTube, it’s kind of like a fine wine. your content gets better with age, you know what I’m saying? Like as it ages, it just gets better. Because YouTube is the second largest search engine and 65% of people go to YouTube to help them solve a problem. Now, if you’re on scale summit, you got you’ve had so many great speakers, they’re already helping you, you know, what problem do you solve? What do you want to be known for keywords in your profile? Do you want to be known for growth hacking all this different kind of stuff, right? Well, a couple foundational questions, though, if maybe your business is needing some clarity, before you go to YouTube answer this question, what problem does your business solve? Maybe you already know that maybe you already got a mission, a vision statement if you don’t write that down. And if you don’t know at least write the question down. So what problem is your business solve? What questions does your business answer? how to lose weight? How to double my crypto currency portfolio? How to save money on taxes? You know, how to grow on social media? How to get more leads with paid advertising? Like what questions as your business answer, because your goal on YouTube is to do a strategy we call as Q which is just answer specific questions. is a good example of someone doing this at a really world class level. Maybe you’ve heard of Dave Ramsey before, let’s just use him as a case study. You may or may not have heard of him. pretty massive influencer in the personal finance space. Nearly 2 million subscribers. He’s getting 16 million views on YouTube a month. And the only type of videos he really posts are answering specific questions. Like how do you get wealthy? How do you invest wealth? Should I buy a house now Should I sell now, he actually does a live radio show on video as well, right? And they put clips of that show on his Ramsey show highlights channel. So he just answers specific questions, very basic business model, right. And he’s get generating massive views. And I actually recently toured his studio 1000 employees, his studio, oh my gosh, it’s like massive office building. 1000 employees paid $300 million cash for building out the studio in a four floor multi storey building. Because of all the books and all the digital courses and all the financial service providers and all these things they recommend. He’s built an empire. Well, they one of the core generators of all that traffic is his YouTube channel answering specific questions. So again, look at this, this is an example of just one video I posted a couple things to notice. First of all posted in 2018. Now again, hear me I love all the social media platforms, but I’m a new dad. And I like to take naps. And I like to I like to snowboard and I like to take my jeep out into the desert. So I want things working for me. So I don’t have to be on social media every day. So June 11 2018. I post this video so this video, right is is multiple years old, three years old. Plus, now it still gets listen. 107 views an hour. Okay, so hang on. So it’s not like I’m trying to crack the algorithm today, this video is working. I’m not doing a thing to this video. Every 16 minutes, like when we hang out over the next hour, this video is going to get 107 views, right? Like hour after hour after hour after hour. Okay, this video, you can see where the traffic sources coming from. This is inside of your YouTube studio when you set up your channel. And it’s coming from YouTube search 53% of the traffic is because people are searching for this specific question on how to get free music for their YouTube videos. The video itself has generated $14,666 YouTube is one of the only platforms and is the most sophisticated platform that actually pays you for views should you want to go that direction. Most of us as entrepreneurs on scale summit, you might have a course a product a service coaching like whatever else, a physical product, some kind of business you want to get leads you want to get people signed up for, you know your real estate agent, whatever. But you can actually generate crazy amounts of revenue off of YouTube alone. This is because YouTube is a con is a search engine and a content library. We’re just actually answering the question Man, why do I need to go all in on YouTube and there’s so many opportunities out there right now. And another reason is YouTube is free. So it’s just waiting for your execution. You can upload unlimited videos, unlimited HD content, 4k content, right? You can go live, you can do all that stuff. And so you have access to all of this traffic and all of these opportunities on this free platform. And here’s the thing, 10 years ago, my wife and I were in the craziest season of our life, we were $700,000 in debt. And maybe after 2020 you can relate to being in a crazy season right now. Maybe health challenges, financial challenges, medical bills, my wife’s got a chronic illness, things are going well now. But like we were going through hell, medical bills are piling up we’re losing our home. debt is piling up. And and from seeing this opportunity on YouTube and leaning into it. We have since then, build channels to over 2 million subscribers. I was at zero at the time, right? Just like you You might be like, well, I got nothing now Easy for you to say no, not easy for me to say we all start at zero, over 160 million video views. And today after building a six figure business not teaching YouTube, right? You know, some people have only been successful teaching how to be successful on the like, from really building a six figure business talking about tech and doing affiliate marketing. My passion now is helping you unlock the power of YouTube to scale your business to maybe build a side income or even go full time on YouTube directly because there’s so many different monetization opportunities. Forbes talked about we wrote a book called YouTube secrets and book has been doing incredible definitely stuff you might want to check out audiobook as well. And even maybe you want to write a book, YouTube, we have a whole strategy, just putting out evergreen traffic that brings awareness to your book, we’ve done like 70,000 copies of our book, the audio book alone sound like 35 grand because of people just getting free audible trials like that’s a whole conversation for another time. Been able to work I used to just dream about you know, growing up with cameras and I started shooting video on my local church in 2003 that like I can’t even imagine working with canon someday. Well since then now we’ve worked with Canon and DJI and vid IQ and Amazon and all these different brands, built a team of 20 people a lot of us based here in Las Vegas, as well as Hawaii in LA and some remote domestic workers like not really virtual assistants, which is awesome, but like really skilled like a real deal crazy business. Since being in debt being broke, losing our home, over 400,000 in our CRM active probably about a million as we cleaned the list. CNBC recently did a mini documentary about small town kid, this college dropout that was earning 70 $40,000 profit a month just from one of our income sources. And we have about 21 different income sources, and 20,000 customers in our online programs. The reason I say this is just so you can see that the experience runs deep. It’s not just some shallow YouTube advice. But we’ve done multiple six figures in events books and audio YouTube ad revenue, brand deals, coaching, speaking JV partnerships, and multiple seven figures and digital products and affiliate marketing. And I’m most proud about our students we’ve helped 1000s now start even at zero and get Silver Play buttons, which is the award you get when you get 100,000 subscribers and help people build a completely create autonomy and passive income leveraging YouTube either scaling their business, or in a way making YouTube their business. So I say all that because I just want you to feel how powerful YouTube is. And again, of course, this is not just my opinion, this is why many of the most known and consistently influential entrepreneurs whether that’s Brendon Burchard, or Gary Vaynerchuk or Lewis Howes, or Grant Cardone leverage YouTube, why did they invest so much in YouTube? Why did they build a team around YouTube to help them? Why do they post so many videos because they understand that YouTube has this dynamic power that can scale your business. And there’s so many smart entrepreneurs that realize YouTube should be the main thing. It’s one of the main places you generate traffic, you can scale and do some things that are interesting on other social platforms. But when you have YouTube influence, man, you got legacy you got momentum, you can have real scale, and this is just getting started this next decade is going to be the best decade on YouTube. So I say all that because Sean Cannell rhymes with YouTube channel the YouTube guy is shouting at you from Las Vegas, right where now 10 years later, since being broken and being literally on the verge of bankruptcy, we went all in on YouTube. And coming to you from Las Vegas. I’m trying to convince you to go all in on YouTube. Thank you for watching the video. If you would like to have access to the full content, check the scale series information below!

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